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If your like me and enjoy looking at fashion and viewing what the celebrities wear and also enjoy a bit of gossip then tune in to our blog right here. We will be adding some amazing pictures at teddyamdmoo – for black females.

hot african female, dark skinned lady online
This women has attitude

Now i heard that all black ladies were man crazy but i also heard this was a myth, i would like to think that it’s true because if this pretty lady is anything to go by then it’s bye bye Kerry washington for me now.

Sexy Girl in a pretty dress
Sexy Girl in a pretty dress

Loving this tiny tight black dress on this delicious lady. The long silky legs and big high heels are a huge bonus. There is just something so amazing about these ladies, the looks, the figures, the posing – They got the style and they know how to pull it off.

pretty mature women

The more mature women are just as pretty as the younger ones and going by this beauty i have to agree and say this is one amazing looking hot chick for her age, having tried a singing career and a little acting this Daisy Is ready for her next big career move. She could put a lot of the celebrities to shame

sexy curvy afro girl in tight lycra dress

The more curvy chick and looking very hot at that- Sporting a nice tight figure hugging blue dress and some high heels – Having worked in some adult work and tried some modelling for bigger women this lady found herself online doing some chat rooms and meeting new people, she tells me it is wonderful, great fun, she makes some extra cash which she puts towards her future.

exotic sexy girl

Ok teddy is now drooling and can not wait to see what new pictures and info gets added to this blog as we build it to be the biggest for hot women in fashion no matter what type of fashion, dresses, lingerie designer, we want pictures of women wearing it .

We have women who submit pictures from all walks and backgrounds and we are going to bring them directly to you on this site.

Not only that we want to keep you up to date with the local gossip of the celebs and what they have been up to recently  so stay tuned!